Company Profile

Vulcan Metal And Logistics Pty Ltd has been pioneering the export of Scrap Metal (both Ferrous & Non-Ferrous) in the Republic of South Africa since its inception in 2006. Vulcan's operations span over the entire Reef areas of RSA with main concentration in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Kimberly, etc. From a smaller volume of around 25,000 tons per annum in the first year of its operations i.e. 2006, Vulcan, as it is popularly known in the trade, has consolidated its position over the years and trades close to 100,000 tons annually as of now. This has been largely possible due to its sound business principles on the one hand; and commendable tie-ups with all its channel partners, viz., suppliers, service providers, bankers, etc.

Export is the backbone for any developing country and RSA is no exception. Vulcan has been bolstering this cause of the government with long-term contracts with both its suppliers locally and buyers overseas. Likewise, unemployment is the curse for any economy where also RSA is no exception. Vulcan has been bridging this gap of the RSA government as well by providing not only direct employment opportunities to its own staffs inside the company, but also indirect employment opportunities to other associated sectors in shipping & logistics, transportation, packing & packaging, etc.

With its backward integration which involves the operation of an yard thus helping segregation, bailing, cutting & others forms of processing; as well as its own transportation wing which helps regular road-haul of its loaded containers into neighboring sea port locations of Durban & Port Elizabeth; Vulcan has been able to keep its competitors at bay by resorting to timely delivery of its products to its customers. All these have helped Vulcan increase its export capacities annually thus contributing to regular foreign exchange inflows into the country. Vulcan also contributes heavily to the economy of the country by bringing in VAT close to Rand 60 million every year besides corporate & employee-related taxes.

Vulcan is also a full-time & active member of Metal Recyclers Association (MRA), an autonomous body, wherein members in the industry meet frequently to discuss common-areas affecting the trade.


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