Welcome to Vulcan Metal & Logistics

As we all know, Recycling, in its literal meaning, is the process of making used products into new remanufactured products. It's a unique process in the sense that the products are recycled in such a way that the materials that are left after remanufacturing are considered essential. The main purpose of recycling is to reduce the consumption of natural resources that are consumed for every new product. Recycling also helps to maintain the environment in neat and clean condition. Considering above facts, Vulcan Metal And Logistics Pty Ltd started its operation in 2006 in South Africa.

Vulcan Metal And Logistics Pty Ltd basically engaged in buying of various kinds of ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals from registered suppliers and exporting these materials to different countries, helping South Africa to boost its economy with incoming foreign remittances along with creation of employments. Vulcan Metal And Logistics Pty Ltd also got its own Logistics division which continuously focus on effectively and timely delivery of containers and materials to various parties involved with it.