Ferrous Scrap Metals

Heavy Melting Steel (HMS)
HMS stands for heavy melting scrap. We can see two kind of HMS i.e. HMS 1 & HMS 2. Both HMS1 &2 comprise obsolete scrap only. That is iron and steel recovered from items demolished or dismantled at the end of their life. HMS 1 & 2 are differentiated by contain of galvanized and blackened steel. HMS 1 does not contain galvanized and blackened steel. For both grades we need to ensure minimum piece thickness – at least 1/4inch (6.3mm) for HMS 1, and 1/8in for HMS 2 – consignments have a high density. Both also have defined maximum dimensions (usually 60in x 24in), and are prepared to facilitate handling and charging to a furnace.
Blue Steel (BLST)
Blue Steel is type of scrap which consists of cut pieces generated from fabrication units; cut pieces of new D-Bars from cut & bend units and cut pieces of other items like Billets, Bloom, structural steel, plates, stampings, forgings, etc.
New Black Bales (NBB)
New Black bales are made from new black sheeting that is 2 mm to 6 mm in thickness and sourced from the automotive industry generally. The sheeting is compressed into high-density to form this bale.
Plate & Structural Steel (PNS)
PNS consists of cut structural and plate scrap, clean open hearth steel plates, structural shapes, crop ends and shearings with thickness not less than ¼ inches having minimum density 50 lbs per cu. ft.
Shredded Scrap
Shredded Scrap is categorized as SSTF (in 20FT) and SSFF(in 40FT). Old automobiles, white goods, household scrap and such other light metal is put through giant shredders so as to tear apart the big pieces by shredding into smaller pieces no more than 6 inches or 15 cms x 15 cms.
Tin Plate Cutting Bales (TPSB)
TPSB are made by compressing & bailing the tin sheets. These tin sheets are mostly found from the manufacturing factories of new cans for the Food and Beverages industry.  
Cast Iron
Cast Iron is an iron alloy, usually including carbon and silicon. It consists of large range of building products. It has high compressive strength, but low tensile strength, e.g. wheel brakes, manhole covers, CI pipes, ductile iron pipes, etc.
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